Enjoying swimming in the sea

Matilda Lake has small swimming beaches for a quick dip, while by the seaside you can find a charming sandy beach suitable for all ages.

Matilda Lake sauna can be rented through Teijo Nature Center. The sauna is located on the Matilda Lake roughly 150m from the rest/parking area. 

Mathildan Marina offers sauna rentals for both big and small groups and an outdoor jacuzzi with sea view.

Kalalokki Matildajärvellä

Matilda Lake is a protected area, where the Department of Forestry regularly breeds rainbow trout. Any type of fishing in Matilda Lake requires a fishing permit. We also require a fee for bait fishing for ages 18-64.

Fishing boats and canoes can be rented from Teijo Nature Center. Matilda Lake is also a suitable fishing destination for the disabled.

Matildajärven laavu

Take your own path at Teijo National Park or follow ours! The park has a total of 50km of marked paths, but you can enjoy Matilda Lake and Jeturkasti from all around.

The paths are excellent for mountain biking with untouched terrain and altitude changes. Looking for something a little less challenging? You can also find mostly-flat paths for regular bikes.

For more information visit the Teijo Nature Center.

Two kajaks on Matilda's lake beach

Head out for a hike with your family around the clean and clear Matilda Lake or find a quiet spot to meditate and admire the beauty.

Teijo Nature Center offers guidance for hikers and campers, such as fishing permits, caravan parking and sauna rent. At lake Matildanjärvi you can rent also a kayak, canoe, SUP board or rowing boat. Or rent a Fatbike and explore the routes of the national park by bike.

Info, Matildajärventie 84, 25660 Mathildedal
Ilmakuva Teijon laskettelurinteestä kesällä

For the thrill seekers! Teijo Ski Resort is a full-service action park with lifts for skiing and mountain biking. We have rental services for ski, mountain bike & gear. During the summer we have alpine sliding, mountain biking, biking instruction & we host group activities with optional meals and sauna.

Action Park
phone 044 516 7390

Teijontie 345, 25660 Mathildedal
Mathildedalin venelaituri

Looking to spend time at sea or on the lake? Teijo Nature Center offers rowing boat, kayak, canoe, and SUP rentals at lake Matildanjärvi.