Kahvilan valoisa sali

Looking for a special place for a celebration or meeting? Come to PetriS Chocolate! We will gladly prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch or coffee break for your group.

Tullintie 17, 25660 Mathildedal
Ruukin keltainen rakennus heijastuu lammesta tervaleppien lomasta

Located in a former wrought iron warehouse from the 1850s, Hotel Matildedal now hosts events and parties. Space is available to rent for 10-50 people, and a larger area is available for 20-80 people.

Ruukinrannantie 8, 25660 Mathildedal
Tunnelmallinen sali juhlakattauksella

Hosting a big party? With beautiful arched windows and a bit of nostalgia in the air from the ironworks era, The Rouhea Foundry building is the perfect spot for a celebration. Fit for parties of 70-150 people.

Ruukinrannantie 6, 25660 Mathildedal
Näkymä juhlasalin ikkunoista merelle

Ravintola-, majoitus- ja kokouspalvelut ovat ryhmien käytössä ennakkotilauksesta ympäri vuoden. Ideoimme kanssasi ohjelmaa koulutus- tai virkistyspäiviin yhdessä kylän muiden toimijoiden kanssa.

Ruukinrannantie 4, 25660 Mathildedal
Katettu, hirsiseinäinen kokoustila

We gladly rent spaces for meetings, trainings and small celebrations. We also offer catering services.

Sypressi is hosted by Tarja Aho along with her two cats and Eurasier dog, Ronja.

Matildan Puistotie 6, 25660 Mathildedal
Isäntäpari kartanon portailla

An event space for any type of gathering. Reserve a private room for 20 guests, or the entire area for 50+ guests. We even have a beautiful garden that opens up into a lush meadow!

Bremerintie 4, 25660 Mathildedal