Pihanäkymä ruukkirakennuksiin ja kukkaistutukset

Combine Mathildedal’s idyllic ironworks village and Teijo National Park’s striking beauty to have an experience of a lifetime. We offer a variety of activities throughout the year for all group sizes.

We have a large array of tours and activities, including artisanal tours, ironworks tours, nature walks, bonfire and outdoor grilling and more. The activities are catered to the group’s interests – tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll make it happen!

Ruukinrannantie 6, 25660 Mathildedal
Puutarhassa ihmiset maistelevat ja tarinoivat

Get to know the role Matildankartano Mansion played in Mathildedal’s ironwork’s village throughout history. What was life like back then? Find out how life has changed and how the village bakery and restaurant came to life, while enjoying a cup of coffee with our special freshly baked sweet sourdough bun. 

Price: 20 € pp. Minimum 20 people, maximum 50 people.

Kayaking in Teijo National Park

Paddle or ride a fatbike in Teijo National Park, spend a relaxing day at Vicksbäck Rental Hut or enjoy the sauna at the Matildanjärvi lakeshore with your own team.

Bring your own group to kayak, sup-board or ride a fatbike in Teijo National Park and rent equipment for self-guided outdoor activities at Teijo Nature Center.

Matildanjärventie 84, 25660 Mathildedal